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Top 3 Luxury Islands for Your Holidays

November 20th, 2013 | Posted by John in Adventures | Blog | Travel

When money does not represent a problem, several world destinations become more and more interesting due to the exquisite quality of the touristic services offered to the clients.  Depending on the type of holiday you want to have, here are some of the possible alternatives. Each one of the islands is located in the middle of clean blue water and provides many hours of relaxation and tons of pleasant memories. I love spending time at these destinations, and the best part about my job, is that I can take my work with me. I can trade with Shiznit Stocks in the morning, and enjoy the beaches and scenery in the afternoon.


1. Sardinia is just one such example. The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and it represents the perfect place for relaxing and unwinding. The beaches have all white sand, the sea water is clean and blue and every detail seems to be perfect for the tourists that step on the island.

Inland you will discover several mountains, and this provides two important categories of activities while on vacation: spending time on the beach and in the water, or hiking and climbing the nearby mountains. Especially the South of Sardinia is the perfect place for relaxing in the sun, on one of the numerous elegant beaches, or in the water, which is considered to be the bluest in the entire Europe.

The Northern part of the island also has some remote beaches with luxury yacht clubs, as well as some villages where you can discover the real life of its inhabitants. Some piazzas, bars and restaurants, as well as nice hotels are all to be found in the North of Sardinia. A lot of historical important ruins and signs of ancient civilizations can be seen on the island, and they too represent a powerful tourist attraction.


2. Barbados is the place where the luxury resorts will simply amaze you. The island boasts with very elegant hotels, outstanding restaurants and large golf courses. It is the place that attracts tourists that love sunbathing, as well as practicing some of the most popular water sports.

Numerous schools and clubs function right on the beach and they do not lack students at all! The island is tropical, so even in the dry season, from December to June, it is a pleasant place to visit. The elegant and luxurious restaurants are prepared to amaze your senses with the special local and international dishes you are going to find there.

You will be delighted to take part in the Barbados Crop Festival, which is held from June till August. During the festival you will be invited to taste different meals, drink all sorts of beverages, dance or listen to music performances.


3. Tenerife is famous another luxury destination. The island belongs to the Canary Islands and everyone on the island seems to be dedicated to making your stay there a wonderful time. The South of the islands has the largest of the resorts where the beaches will definitely charm you. The North of the island offers lush landscape and when visited, it will offer you a real understanding of the regular life on the Canary Islands.

There are about 350 kilometers / 218 miles of coastline, and as the weather is pleasant all year long, there is no wonder people come and spend their vacation there all year long, regardless of the season. Numerous luxury hotels are awaiting for you in Tenerife, most of them having the most exclusivist offers and bonuses for tourists. They all have private beaches, water sports clubs, wonderful views from the balconies and great room service.

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