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Grand Canyon National Park

September 19th, 2013 | Posted by John in Adventures

You can be one of the 5 million persons that choose to visit the Grand Canyon in a year. The Grand Canyon, 1.218.375 acres, lies on the Colorado Plateau in NW Arizona. The canyon separates the park in to North and South Rims. Vegetation, climate and scenery are totally different on each rim and this is due to the height difference. The big majority goes to the South Rim which is more accessible, is open all year long offering the possibility of admiring the world from a 2134m height. The North Rim rises 305 m higher than the South Rim and is less accessible due to heavy snows that fall and close the roads from October till May every year.

grand canyon

The Inner canyon is visited mostly by hikers, mule riders or river runners. If you are looking for real adventure, you could be one of the tourists that decide for a river trip or a mule ride through the Canyon. Such trips usually last longer than few days; a trip or a ride of this kind could last up to three weeks so, get well informed before you decide to get involved in one of them. You cannot go for a one day long river trip, for example. You could choose to enjoy a motorized or non motorized rafting trip. The length of these trips differ a lot, the rapid one will last up to 5 days while the slower one will last up to a minimum of 7 days.

The Grand Canyon offers great accommodation for tourists that want to spend more than one day there and the prices, for the South Rim, are somewhere between 72 USD per night to 440USD per night, depending on the tourist’s financial possibilities. If you want to visit the North Rim, the prices are between 116USD and 192USD. There is also the possibility of camping inside the Grand Canyon, at two specified locations but you do need a reservation for this.

The oldest human artifacts were dated 12.000 years behind and belong to the Paleo-Indian period. From that time till today the park has been populated by humans.

The land in the canyon is arid and is one of the most studied geological places in the entire world as specialists and students can admire three or even four eras of geological time. The canyon is the place where you can still see and admire numerous specially protected plant and animal species. There have been identified 1500 plants, 355 birds, 89 mammalians, 47 reptiles, 17 fish species. If you are lucky you could see some of them with your own eyes if Arizona and the Grand Canyon will be your next summer vacation destination.

It will cost you 25USD per car to enter the Grand Canyon National Park and this covers everyone in the car. A wise advice I have been given and that I want to share with you would be to try and get informed on the canyon before you enter it. This way you will know what to look for, what plants, animals or birds to look for and so you will benefit 100% from this trip. Once you get in the park you either park your car and walk to different the view points or take the canon shuttle that will take you to the different locations. The choice will depend on the number of visitors that will be there. Try to avoid stopping at the very first view point as it is always crowded. Resist the temptation and look for another one so that you can better admire the landscape.

If you live outside the U.S.A. you are going to need a rented car for this trip. Fortunately, there are many car rental companies that will do whatever they can to get your business, offering you special prices and free add-ons. Nevertheless, an even better solution that will help you save a lot of money is to rent the car ahead of time, together with your flight tickets; this way, you are going to get the best value for your rental.


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