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Beaufort Port Royal

February 5th, 2013 | Posted by John in Blog

The Town of Port Royal is located in South Carolina, between the Beaufort River and the Battery Creek. It might be a small town, but it is considered to be one of the leaders in small town New Urbanism. This means that despite its size, it strives and (most of all) it has succeeded to offer its inhabitants a high quality life.

beaufort port royal

The town of Port Royal has a rich history and seven different flags have flown over this settlement along the centuries; among them we can count the Spanish flag, the French flag, the English flag and the Scottish flag. The town has been continually developing since 1996, due to different annexations and the construction of different buildings or new houses.

It’s not all about being modern in Port Royal, though. The town continues to keep many of the old customs and traditions that have been so appreciated over the years. A good example that speaks for itself is the farmers’ market, which is held on a weekly basis, and where farmers come together to sell their products.

If you have the curiosity or simply happen to be passing by and stop at the farmers’ market, you will be enchanted by the general atmosphere that can be found there. You will see many farmers selling cheese, home-made food, fresh fruits, vegetables etc.

After the period of decline that took place during the last decade, when people got used to buy all the stuff they needed at the supermarkets, the need for 100% natural fresh fruit and vegetables is very strong again, and these open markets are once again gaining in popularity.

It’s not all about the locals, though. Port Royal is a place that welcomes tourists from all over the world that love to explore nature. The Low country is the perfect place where you can find different types of land, be it marsh, forest land, brush land, fields and ponds with fresh and clean water. It is here that you could admire numerous bird and plant species.

If you decide to spend at least a few days in Port Royal, don’t forget to go and see the sands that are located close to the Beaufort River. It is a smaller area where you can walk, admire the landscape and gather shells. If you love to take pictures, then the Cypress wetlands are the perfect place for you, because they are the ideal environment for a great variety of birds and wonderful vegetation.

If walking by yourself does not suit you, then you could choose to take part in Jon Sharp’s Walking History Tour. Jon is a former actor in love with the town, and this (his love) is clearly visible. For this reason he provides fun, exciting stories about the town’s past and present. You can enroll in such a tour from spring till fall, at 11 o’clock a.m. Each tour will take you on foot, for about 2 hours and a half, from one important site to the other, so make sure to get a pair of comfortable shoes.

One of the best ranked restaurants in Port Royal is 11st St. Dockside Restaurant. Its cuisine is seafood oriented and it is considered to be a good place for families with children and large groups, offering its clients lunch, dinner, late night meals and desserts.

Beaufort, located close to Port Royal, strives to offer unique experiences to its tourists as well. The Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is considered by the tourists to be the number one attraction because of its breathtaking landscape. On the second place is the Hunting Island State Park, a large park that includes a fantastic looking lighthouse that was built in 185. It is the perfect place for a nice, relaxing afternoon for both kids and adults.

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